1. You will know when a great idea hits you: it takes your breath away.
  2. A smoky/druggy tartan panted punk contemplating his life, regretting the wasted years, yearning to rewind the clock and create all those amazing ideas, smoke-free, but still keeping individuality. (a bit skateboard ethic??) ANTI-SMOKING TV ad. Gritty , northern , punky (get THAT "PUNK" book) , Tyrannosaur - movie (kind of sexy but grizzly) , Mike Scott is having babies at 50. So anyway , not at all like the Sean Penn movie This Must be the Place , which should have bean so much hotter , a real non-romantic spicy monologue , :::the wisdom of years , ( but not too old so that it cannot connect with 20s/30s kids).
  3. Ctrl-Cmd-Spacebar - make your emails look like messages 👍
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